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Erectile dysfunction! younger than 50? Call your andrologist in London right now!

Erectile dysfunction! younger than 50? Call your andrologist in London  right now!

For long years, it has been recognised that erectile dysfunction (ED) is frequently a precursor of major medical difficulties in males. Nevertheless, a recent scientific study discovered that men around 40-49 experiencing ED are 50 times more likely to experience a heart stroke than their colleagues who did not have ED.

FIFTY times! That is shocking! This signifies that having Erectile dysfunction increases your risk of developing heart failure more than obesity, smoking, lipids, or family background! In other terms, the younger you are, the more likely you are to see your physician if you suffer from ED.

The difficulty is that you continue to face a significant obstacle to resolve: your physician. Admit it or not, 86% of physicians never inquire regarding their patients' erections. Many physicians are just embarrassed with the subject - remember, physicians are also humans.

So, you're at the physician's office.

You're here for a physical - or some made-up reason as you did not wish to inform the secretary why you were there in the first place. "Things aren't going so well in the bedroom," you say as the doctor walks away. The answer will determine whether or not this individual stays your doctor. "At your age?" he could remark. You're overworking yourself. You're exhausted. Take some Viagra," you should really consider finding a different doctor.

"At your age?" the physician you wish to work with should remark. We must communicate." He must then ask you a slew of questions before scheduling blood tests, listening to your heart, listening to your lungs, and asking even more questions. If your internist is unable to resolve the issue, he should refer you to a urologist who specialises in sexual medicine. You should eventually have a response to your ED as well as a plan of action to work on it.

In this research, older males were exonerated. According to another Study, ED becomes less of an indication of heart disease in men as they age. So, if a 75-year-old guy develops ED, it might be due to a variety of factors, including heart problems.

There are various red signs that every male should be aware of.

Erectile Dysfunction is a major warning sign that should prompt a guy to seek medical attention. It has the potential to rescue his life (and his sex life)!

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