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P-Shot London

P-Shocks® P-shot
ED Clinic in London

P -Shocks® - Regenerative Erectile Dysfunction Treatment In London, England

P -Shocks®: The most advanced treatment for Peyronie's disease and Erectile dysfunction in London. The evolution of P-Shot in London was invented by the stem cells scientist Dr Fabio Castiglione director and founder of Holistic Andrology _ Erectile dysfunction Clinic In London 

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What Is P -Shocks®? The evolution of P-shot for ED


P-Shot | P-Shocks | PRP for erectile dysfunction LondonErectile Dysfunction Clinic | London | United kingdom

The P-Shocks® is an advanced regenerative therapeutic protocol, based on P-shot,  for Erectile dysfunction or Peyronie's disease. P-Shocks® involves a combination of shockwave sessions, meds, supplements, Vacuum Pump therapy and platelet reach Plasma (PRP). The P-Shocks®  is tailor-made for each patient based on his level of impotence or penile deformity.

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P-Shocks® IS NOT the P-Shot !


Pshot lodon | shockwave for ED | london

P-shot for erectile dysfunction London: Named after Priapus, the Greek GOD of fertility and erection, the P shot injection is sold as a new regenerative Erectile dysfunction therapy involving PRP injection (Platelet Rich Plasma) into the penis.

The PRP is formed from plasma with a higher platelet cluster than normal blood. It is a substance that derives from the blood and it is completely natural. The PRP  is obtained by centrifugation of the blood after taking a limited amount of blood from the patient. 


The PRP, once activated releases into the tissues of the penis different molecules and growth factors that, in theory, are useful for the formation of blood vessels and the reduction of fibrosis, often responsible for erectile dysfunction.


 Despite the incredible popularity of P-Shot in London in the last year, the scientific evidence of its efficacy is POOR! Most of the current trials DID NOT show any effectiveness.


This lack of efficacy of PRP is mainly because this treatment is usually provided NOT by experts in the field but often by plastic surgeons, nurses, physiotherapists, GPs, or aesthetic doctors who know little about erectile dysfunction and the physiology of the penis. These are usually con artists.   The actual expert in erectile dysfunction in London is the Andrologist. Only the andrologists had adequate training in this area and could make a correct diagnosis of impotence.


More notably, as widely demonstrated for stem cells, PRP should only work if injected into an adequately inflamed system. For this reason, inflammation of the penis must first be induced for the penis to be in optimal condition to receive the maximum benefit from PRP.

The P-Shocks® protocol has this precise purpose, to ensure that the penis is adequately inflamed to receive the PRP.

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What is the difference between P-Shot and P-Shocks®?


Erectile dysfunction clinic in London 

PRP for impotence | PSHOT london

The P-SHOT London  protocol consists of injecting one-time PRP without considering the causes of erectile dysfunction, the patient's comorbidities or the level of erectile dysfunction. Unfortunately, those "fake sex experts" scammers, who administer P-shots, know nothing about regenerative medicine and do not respect the biological conditions necessary for P-shot to work.
It is almost impossible that PRP alone can improve the quality of penile tissues. On the other hand, the P-Shocks® is not based solely on P-shots but also on supplements, meds, vacuum pumps and shockwaves. The P-Shocks® is a holistic approach that provides a perfect mix of several therapeutic procedures, which allows the penis to have the optimal conditions to receive the PRP. The P-Shocks® is a tailor-made treatment for impotence or Peyronie's disease.

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P-shot london | PRP for ED

How P-Shocks® protocol works


The P-Shocks® Protocol acts on the penile tissues reducing fibrosis in 5 different ways:

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Increase Nitric Oxide (NO) production

P-Shocks® Increases NO production thanks to a combination of natural supplements based on Arginine, L citrulline. Nitric oxide (NO) is one of our body's primary biological weapons against fibrosis. NO is an endogenous molecule naturally produced by our body with powerful antifibrotic activities..

p shot london

Increases the action of Nitric Oxide

P-Shocks® increases the action of NO thanks to the daily use of aids that can prolong the antifibrotic NO effect.

p shot london

Penile Vacuum Pump

Vacuum erection assistance devices are non-invasive mechanical pumps used to help men with erectile dysfunction get an erection—penile vacuum PUMP work by inducing an artificial erection by removing the air from a plastic tube. The constant, daily use of this device at dawn causes long-term distension of the penis, a reduction in fibrosis, reducing the penile curvature, increasing the elasticity of the penis and its lengthening.

p shot london

Shockwave therapy

These are low-intensity electroacoustic waves driven by compressed air. These impacts, sustained over time, provoke a body response that generates a more significant number of blood vessels in the erectile tissue and enhances the relaxation of the vascular endothelium, circulatory deficit and fibrosis or loss of elasticity of the penis. Using the Duolith Storz device, the best shockwave focus generator on the market, shock waves are transmitted to the penis in sessions of only 30 minutes. When used at high frequency and high energy, the shockwave can induce inflammation of the penis, making it eligible to receive PRP benefits.

p shot london

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)

PRP in a penis with an adequate level of inflammation induces better healing by increasing blood vessels and reducing fibrosis.

The P-Shocks® Protocol

Erectile dysfunction clinic in London 


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